2020 -Khayet Albak - In process

Directed by Fouad Alawen

2018-State of Agitation

Experimental film -Director Elie Khalifeh

2017- Indigo- Morocco production-Agora films

Directed by Selma Bargach

2016-Yalla 3abelkoun Chabeb-NETFLIX

Produced and written by Nibal Arakji- Directed by Shady Hanna- Best acting-Lebanese film festival

2016- Are you glad i am here -Usa/Lebanon- AMAZON PRIME

Directed by Noor Gharzeddine

2015 - Yalla 3abelkoun- NETLIX- Best Casting

Written by Nibal Arakji , Directed by Elie Khalife- Lebanese production – Lebanon

2012 - Assfouri-Lebanon

Directed by Fouad Alawan-

2009- A Balcony by the sea -France

Directed by Nicole Garcia with Jean du Jardin and Claudia Cardinale

2006 - Blackline-Lebanon/USA

The Beirut contact directed from Christian Johnston American Lebanese production – Morocco

2007 - 24 H Marrakech-German Moroccan production

Episode 2, High directed Narjiss Tahiri –

Short film

2016- In White

Directed by Dania Bdeir- Lebanon- Best short Miff

2012- A Day in 1959- Directed by Nadim Tabet-Lebanon

Directed by Nadim Tabet-Lebanon

Trophy for the best actress

Promotion Atom Egoyan IESAV


2020-Min el Ekher- Sabbah Production ( in process)

Directed by Charles Chlela

2020 - The Dean- MBC-KSA (

Directed by Bassem Salka

2020- Video Clip for the revolution ( Mich Ayi Kalam)- Lebanon

Directed by Jad Shewry

2020- Grandizor ( in process)

webserie directed by Boudy Sphere

2018-Thawanie- Eagle Films-LBC- Lebanon

Director Samir Habchi

2017- Nescafe Cappuccino -TVC

Brand Ambassador in the Middle East - directed by Mazen Fayad

2016- Khaoualiss el Madina -NTV Lebanon

Al Sada productions

2013 - Zaffe-MTV-Lebanon


2013 - Valet Parking-Futur Tv-Lebanon

2013 - A.D the Bible-NBC-USA


2012 - Shankaboot webseries-BBC Productions -Emmy Award

Directed by Amin Dora

2011 - Machi el Khatri-RTM - Morocco

Directed by Mohammed Achouar

2010 MTC touch-TVC

Directed by Shady Hanna

2009 - One hour in hell- RTM-Morocco

Directed Yassine Fanane


2020- Mafroukeh

A play by Marwa Khalil and Wafa'a Halawi

2015 - On the road of heaven

A play written by Marwa Khalil and Sandra Khawam, produced by Marwa Khalil – Monnot Theater Lebanon

2014 - Znoud el Sitt

A play written and produced by Marwa Khalil and Wafa’a Halawi - Monnot Theater – Lebanon

2012 - Who Killed Marilyn?

A play written and produced by Marwa Khalil and Raia Haidar- Monnot Theater – Lebanon

2009 - Vente O zone Chair

A play produced by Marwa Khalil - Anfa Culturel center - Morocco

2005 - Age tendre et gueule de bois

Directed by Guillaume Hinky- Monnot theater- Lebanon

2004 - Deathwatch from Jean Genet

Directed by Samer Kadoura Monnot theater –Lebanon

2004 - Nadia Tueni poetry

Directed by Roger Assaf Al Bustan Festival -Lebanon

2003 - Dodsdansen from Strindberg

Directed by Roger Assaf Beryth Theater -Lebanon

2003 - Les requins ou presque de Gabriel Boustany

Directed by Roger Assaf- Beirut theater -Lebanon

2003 - A strange animal From Anton Tchekhov

Directed by Michel Jabre Monnot theater-Lebanon

2002 - Al yamin

Directed by Joe Kodeih French institute –Lebanon

2002 - The three sisters from Anton Tchekov

Directed by Betty Taoutel Beryth Theater-Lebanon