Actress- Producer-Writer

Languages: Arabic, French and English 


Marwa Khalil grew up in different eastern and western countries. From Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Morocco to the United States and France. This blend of culture formed her personality. 

 She discovered her passion for acting at 18 when her drama teacher in school chose her for the the main role in “On ne badine pas avec l’amour” from Musset. " Do not mess with love! "Oh but, it is true" she said, the barrier between fiction and reality falls. Since there, theater and cinema became a place of truth and freedom. She performed more than 15 plays directed by well known lebanese directors. 

In 2006 , she moved to Morocco to work as a journalist at the TV channel Medi1Sat in Tangier. At that time " I wanted to have an office, a telephone with an extension, a stable salary" but very quickly she realizes that Morocco is bubbling in terms of creation and cinema production. In 2009 she starts to play in cinema and tvseries in Morocco: " Polygamme malgré lui" where she incarnates the role of a lebanese wife in a comic serie broadcast on RTM, and she plays also one of the main role in a local movie " Indigo" where she learns the Moroccan dialect.

Marwa also participate in foreign movies with Nicole Garcia ( Un Balcon sur la Mer) and an American serie ( The Bible Ad) on NBC. It was in Casablanca that she produces her first play “ A Woman Alone” From "Dario Fo" making a full house. 

In 2012, Marwa returns to Lebanon. She works in advertising production and at the same time continues to play in lebanese series and films. She plays one of the main character in "Yalla 3abelkoun. The movie is a big hit , it gathered around 100 000 entries in Lebanon. She also plays in " Yalla 3abelkoun Chabeb" for which she received the price of "Best Casting". Both films have been trending on Netflix.  

in 2016, She plays the main character in “ Are you Glad I am here”an American-lebanese movie that did tour in a lot of festivals in the world and that is currently on Amazon. Marwa was awarded 4 times in total for her work as an actress and she has been chosen to be the ambassador for the brand "Nescafé Capuccino Italiano" in the Middle East. She also has been chosen to be one of the jury in the lebanese women festival in Lebanon.

Marwa is not only an actress, she has an entrepreneurial vision in the art world. She already co-write and produced more than 5 plays "Who killed Marylin" " Znoud el Sitt" "3a Tari2 el Janeh" " Tarbouch Jiddeh wil Tour Eiffel" " Mafroukeh".She also started a theater academy “ Acting Lab” where she teaches theater to children, teens and soon to adults.

She currently studying psychology to develop her passion in understanding human minds and to try find bridges between arts and psychology.