Actress- Producer- Writer

Languages: Arabic, French and English 


Marwa Khalil grew up in many countries: four years in Saudi Arabia, two years in the United States, four years in Morocco, eight years in France before she came back in Lebanon. She is the result of a mixture of different identities and cultures; like a patchwork, she is in a continuous search for her identity. At the age of eighteen, when at the theater class, her professor encouraged her to play the main role in a script written by “Musset” and entitled: “On ne badine pas avec l’amour” which translates to: Do not mess with love!“Oh but, it is true”, she said. The role dissolved quickly the barrier between fiction and reality. Ever since, she thought of the cinema and the theater as a place for truth and freedom.At the age of eighteen, her theater career began while she acted in plays directed by some of the well-known Lebanese directors like “Naji Souraty”, “Roger Assaf”, “Betty Taoutel” and “Joe Kodeih”.

At the same time, she took part in advertisements production to keep up on her profession. She traveled to Morocco at the age of twenty-six to work as a journalist at the TV channel Medi1Sat in Tangier. This one and a half year experience was enough for her to discover that Morocco is overflowed with cinematic productions. Thenceforth, Marwa created many connections in the world of media and acted in TV shows and cinema. Even, she played in foreign productions, in French ( next to Jean du Jardin and Claudia Cardinale)  and American movies.

It was in Casablanca that she produces her first play. Following this experience, she returned to her home country, Lebanon, with the intention of becoming an independent actress. After attending intensive courses in directing in New York and Paris, she came back to Lebanon and started to  create her own plays. She co-produced and co-writted 4 Plays.  Acting became the bridge towards her own world. Marwa was awarded 4 times for her work in acting.